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No. 42 藝術教育研究期刊

一位國中視覺藝術教師在跨領域課程的實踐 / 鄧宗聖

The Cross-Disciplinary Curriculum Implementation of a Junior High School Visual Arts Teacher / Tzong-Sheng Deng

中英文摘要    Summary

藝術教育治療課程對弱勢青少年復原力影響之初探研究 / 曾品璇、江學瀅

A Pilot Study of the Impact of Art Education Therapy on Underprivileged Teenagers’ Resilience / Pin-Hsuan Tseng and Shyue-Ying Chiang 

中英文摘要    Summary

視障者雙視觸覺圖畫書類分析與圖畫書使用者意見 / 伊彬、李鏡琪

Analysis of Tactile Picture Books for People With Visual Impairments and Users’ Opinion / Bin I and Jing-Qi Li 

中英文摘要    Summary

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